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about us


Full Circle Trends will work diligently to establish itself as a key player in the retail market. Founded by women to create products FOR women. We are uniquely positioned to understand and empower our customer.


The company will remain committed to leverage all team members’ experience, knowledge, and diversity in order to build a supportive and inclusive workplace. We aim to establish an environment that truly fosters creativity. 


Our merchandisers and designers will continuously research and learn about our ever-evolving consumer to ensure that our product is trendy and competitively priced and self-marketable via social media. 


Our sales, production and logistics team will strive to build long-lasting and mutually profitable relationships with our retail partners. 

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Susan is a Sale professional with 30 years of experience. Connecting with people and building mutually supportive and profitable relationships is her passion. Susan’s greatest asset is artful Account Management – becoming a part of her buyer’s team, understanding their needs and problem-solving. In Susan’s eyes, all accounts are creat3ed equal – she loves being part of their growth. Susan is also able to train excellent support staff, passing her proven skils to those around her. Susan has a passion for trends and bringing product to market. Full Circle Trends® has been her vision. 


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